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Historic Figure - Individuals with unique or impactful actions on the history of Christmas

Character of Fiction - Meaningful fictional characters of Christmas creations in verse, story, song, film or music

Legend - Individuals of folklore, ancient origin or tradition from around the world

Groups - Country or Government - Countries or Governments influential on the history, tradition and celebration of Christmas

Groups - Performers - any kind of performing group contributing to the traditions, celebrations and the observance of Christmas

Groups - Association - any kind of organization or association that promotes Christmas in support of the arts or charity

Arts - Writers - authors, novelists, poets, or screenwriters whose Christmas creations inspire, uplift and inform

Arts - Composers - Composers of great Christmas music

Arts - Artists - Illustrators, Painters, Animators, and Cartoonists whose images are held in honor by Christmas Fans

Arts - Film Makers - Directors and Producers of films about Christmas

Arts - Actors - Actors who make a mark on the cultural celebration of Christmas

Events - Historical - Christmas events in history that have had an impact.

Events - Places - The places where Christmas, real or fictional, have been made famous

Events - Recurring - Annual Christmas events that continue to celebrate Christmas

Elements & Media - Symbols - Important icons and symbols of the season

Elements & Media - Decor - The decorating elements of Christmas teach, inspire and beautify

Elements & Media - Food - What is Christmas without traditional foods?

Elements & Media - Movies - The movies and films of Christmas are traditions for many.

Elements & Media - Television - Television movies and specials contribute year after year to the culture of Christmas.

Elements & Media - Stage Productions - Works of film, music and original creation take the stage each year as Christmas tradition

Elements & Media - Songs - The songs and carols of Christmas date back hundreds years and are traditional as well