Christmas Hall of Fame

New Partners Join the Christmas Hall of Fame

We are pleased to announce the addition of three new partners to the Christmas Hall of Fame: Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast, and Merry

Partners are a critical component of the Christmas Hall of Fame. One of our goals is to reach as many people as we can so they can vote — and we need every diverse niche of Christmas to accomplish it.

Tim Babb’s Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast is a popular all-things-Christmas podcast that debuted in 2015. His podcast will officially announce the debut of the Christmas Hall of Fame the week of 11/25/19. is the premiere community online for professional Santas, Mrs. Claus’ and elves. The Santa community online is strong and prolific. They are a year round presence and provide a great deal of community service and charitable work in their efforts. We are especially pleased to have them join us.

The Merry Podcast is one of the older podcasts online featuring a great deal of Christmas history, nostalgia, and features of Christmas music. It is tied to The Merry Forums of, one of the oldest and most active year round forums dedicated to Christmas. This podcast will feature the Christmas Hall of Fame during the week of Thanksgiving 2019 as well.

We are actively seeking more partners. Please see this link to sign up.

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