The Christmas Hall of Fame is an effort of the Christmas community online anchored at The Merry Forums of

The Christmas community online has many subsets of enthusiasts. There are movie lovers, music lovers, Christmas light freaks, Santa and Mrs. Clauses, Christmas foodies, Christmas readers, Christmas crafters and vintage Christmas collectors. Online there are Christmas webmasters, Christmas writers, Christmas podcasters, Christmas YouTubers and Christmas Tweeters.

Naturally, there are Christmas shoppers.

There are sites online dedicated to Christmas History, Christmas Traditions, Christmas Legends — and all the stuff mentioned above.

Christmas could well be the most massively followed topic online.

The Christmas Hall of Fame does not exist to make order of all these divergent groups. Instead it hope to tap into every little sub-niche of Christmas to hear their voices. We want to know the who, what, when, where and why of all the most important people, places, events and elements that go in to their love of Christmas.

We solicit their opinions. We will give order to them. We will honor who and what they direct us.