The Christmas Hall of Fame exists to recognize those individuals, events, characters and creators who have shaped and influenced the celebration of Christmas around the world.

Christmas is broadly defined across cultures. It carries varied significance and is recognized in both sacred and secular terms. The goal of the Christmas Hall of Fame is not to put one above another but to recognize all the influencing elements and characters of Christmas over time.

Christmas is unique in that it is historical and yet fictional at the same time.

It is championed in song and in word. We recall Christmases in film through works of both fact and fiction. Christmas is myth, legend, and tradition combined.

The Christmas Hall of Fame has been established to allow the celebrants of Christmas — whoever and wherever they may be — to choose who and what to recognize. Christmas is so broad it cannot be defined by select subsets such as writers or heads of associations. It must be defined by the collective: the rich and the poor, the Christmas expert and novice, the casual fan and the passionate enthusiast.

Criteria for selection in the Christmas Hall of Fame requires both time and substantive response.

Below is our countdown to Thanksgiving Day 2020 when our first Christmas Hall of Fame inductees will be announced. Between now and then we vote.